Nov 242013

Originally, I started this article as an arrow pointing to places to help save money.  As I started my research, I learned there is so much to using coupons that many people probably do not realize can help them in the worst of times or even if you are not doing so bad can give an extra income boost if properly used.  Here are some interesting things that my research has taught me!  You can search for just about any kind of coupon you want or need by using some simple, free coupon websites.


Tips for extreme couponing, tons of information, printable coupons etc.


Clip and print coupons for savings of over 830.00 with easy to use category selections, meter, and search locally or connect with blog.



Print or get on your card and social media outlets



Save towards college with this neat site.  Print coupons or earn points by shopping and saving online



Savings in the form of paper, online, or printable ability to track savings are available here.



Promotions and printable coupons from dollar general and other nationwide stores are available at this neat webpage.



It is amazingly easy to find coupons by store or site with many outsourced sites that also provide coupons in the search engines this site has.



This site features coupons for in store use and online usage that are easy to print.

These websites will give you the resources needed to start your savings almost immediately but if you happen to have no internet connection with a printer available there are other options.  Do not worry because I can help you find the right places to get your coupons for minimal prices or even for free!

Many people buy the Sunday paper and throw away the inserts thinking that they are just annoying trash and waste of paper.  Ask your friends and neighbors for their inserts from the Sunday papers or go to your local stores and see if they have a paper that they usually keep by the door with free promotions or coupons.  Sometimes your local convenient stores will allow you to have the papers that aren’t sold after the week is over.  There are some community websites where items are either traded or given away free when no longer needed which are great places to look.

Did you know that many stores have their own coupon policy?  You can either find them online or ask for a printout at the store you frequent if you would like to learn more.  The reason I have done this myself is that some stores are required to pay you the overage if you use a coupon that covers more than the current value of the product.  Wal-Mart is one of those stores that have this policy.  Other stores only take manufacturer coupons or do not accept printed coupons at all.  It is very important to educate yourself of the policies of the stores you use most often so that you can better understand if you are saving yourself money or adding a hassle to your everyday, already stressed life.

Many people have made extra spending money just by Extreme Couponing.  I think this is a very fascinating concept since coupons have been around for centuries and many people have completely forgotten that they exist.  So next time you are getting ready for a long trip to the grocery store take some coupons and a list that has the items you have coupons for on it!  Happy Saving.

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Mar 192010

When we bought our house in 2006 one of the first things we discovered is that a 2400 sq ft house has a lot of light bulbs especially when all of the main rooms and bedrooms have ceiling fans with two to four bulbs. We easily at one time use 30 light bulbs throughout our home.

We then decided that it was worth the cost of buying flourescent light bulbs which at the time cost us about $2.50 per bulb. Now I am not sure how long they really should last but gradually they have begun to burn out so we recently started replacing them one by one with Compact Fluorescent light bulbs.

One of the major reasons for switching to the compact is the idea that they use even less energy than the slightly larger fluorescents we have been using which of course means saving a few more dollars a year. Another big deciding factor is the size of the newer compact fluorescent light bulbs. For the last three years some of our lights have not had the cover on them because the old bulbs were just too large. Now we can put these light covers back on as they originally were.

When we initially made the change we noticed roughly a $5-$10 a month difference in the electric bill. This doesn’t sound like much but our most recent switch we expect to save a little more. The hardest part is shopping for the best compact fluorescent light bulb for your needs.

If we used regular incandescent light bulbs we would spend on average $8.00 every 6-12 months and figuring if we only had to replace the bulbs once a year that is $24 ($1 generics from Wal-Mart) for three years. When we bought our fluorescent light bulbs we spent about $75($2.50 generics from Wal-Mart).

If we saved even $3 a month over three years that would be $108 so if you take the 108-75 we would have saved a minimum of $33 over the past three years after the cost of purchasing the fluorescent light bulbs.

We have been shopping around and at Wal-Mart we found a 6 pack of GE for 15.16 (2.53 each), 18W MINI TWST CFL BULB REPL75W on amazon was about as low as I could find at $3.25 each for a brand I haven’t used but they claim to last 7 years, and my husband (the true King of online bargain shopping) came across this bulk pack of 25 on eBay25 CFL Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs 20w=75w ($1.28 each).

They all seem to be good bulbs from as far as we can tell. We have decided for now to try out the eBay 25 CFL Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs 20w=75w. After we get them I will comment and let you all know how we like them.

Using the same method and assuming we will be getting at least a 25% increase in savings per month that would be $3.75 per month over the next three years (these bulbs claim to last 6 years so we will assume that is true but we know they last at least three so we will stick with that number) jumping the savings to $135 before the cost of buying new bulbs all throughout the house. The new bulbs will cost us about $40 (We are buying 2 sets and letting friends get some at cost of course for those we don’t need so 1.28*31 is our actual cost after being reimbursed on the others.) so our expected savings now is $135-$40=$95!

Next time we hope to change to an even better energy saving light bulb but until then this is about as low cost of a a CFL we found as of March 19, 2010. Please chime in if you find a better deal!

If anyone knows where to find some really cheap “green” light bulb solutions we would be interested in hearing about that. We thought about going with LED but they are still very expensive and we do have a rather large amount of lights to replace.